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Letting Go

I'll tell you right out front that this will be the hardest area that you will have to deal with.

You have a choice to make.

You can either hang on to the past or move on to the future that you choose.

You CAN NOT do both.

I'll tell you something.

We all have "stuff" that has happened to us in the past.

Some of it was pretty bad and some of it was horrific.

We all walk around with our own scars.

Some of them physical, some of them mental and a lot of them emotional.

We look back and see where people have done a multitude of things that hurt us in a host of different ways.

Some of it was in the distant past and some of it was more recently.

We have been lied to, cheated, beat up, abused physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually.

A lot of that hurt.

Some of that hurt went pretty deep.

Here is the important point.

You survived.

You are here right now reading this.

You did survive and all of that stuff is in your past.

And you can't change a thing that has happened in your past.

There are two things to know now.

All of the stuff that happened in your past happened when you were powerless to do anything about it.

You are no longer powerless.

You DO get to make choices and decisions now.

Here is the other thing to know.

We spend a lot of our lives trying to understand or make sense out of what happened in the past.

We want to know WHY it happened.

How could it have happened?

Most likely, that is not going to happen.

We will probably never get all of the information to really understand the reason why things happened to us.

Everything that happened in our past involved other people.

And we will never really know what was going on with them when the events happened.

All we can do is tell ourselves whatever story that makes the most sense to us about it.

We tell ourselves our view of it with whatever information that we have to work with.

We are not lying or making things up.

We are telling the truth as we know it.

Now the event is over and done.

You survived it and you are here and now.

The past has only as much power over you now as you give it.

The past does not hang on to you.

You hang on to the past.

It is time for you to claim your own personal freedom and personal power in your life.

As long as you give other people power over you, you can not claim your own power.

As long as you let people in your past have power over you now, you can not claim your own power.

Your life was created by all the events, people, information and experiences in your past.

Now it is time to let all of that go and create your own life.

As you start creating your own life, you will find yourself gradually letting go of the past and healing the old wounds.

It won't happen all at once.

But it WILL happen.

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