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Why make your own MP3s?

I mentioned earlier that we were going to get to use a free tool called Audacity to help make some of those changes that we want to make in our lives.

Here is why we will want to do that.

As we try to make changes in our lives, a lot of times we look for help.

One of the things that we try to change is our thoughts.

One of the ways that has been around for quite a while has been the CDs and tapes.

There are a lot of CDs and tapes out there about making changes in our lives.

Some of them are subliminal where everything is done behind a sound mask.
We can not hear the words on a conscious level but the sub-conscious mind hears it and takes it in.

Some of them are ones where we CAN hear the words and, when we listen to the affirmations long enough, they begin to have an effect on the sub-conscious mind.

Some of them are hypnosis tapes where we are put into a hypnotic state and the commands are given directly to the sub-conscious mind.

All of them work to a point.

And they all have their drawbacks.

One of the biggest ones is that they are all prerecorded by someone else.

The problem with that is that they tend to be very generic.

They are set up to work with their particular subject in a very general way.

Some of what is in them will apply to just about everyone.

They can not be set up to work with any one individual with their specific issues.

They don't know you and what your particular issues are.

If you want to deal with your attitude, which specific issues do YOU need to deal with?

What changes do YOU need to make?

They don't know what YOUR particular issues are and so they try to cover whatever issues they can around helping you make those changes.

They HAVE to be generalized in order to reach the widest possible market.

The more specific they get, the smaller their possible market.

If we use the hypnosis ones, we need to set up a time when we can be alone and in a quiet space for whatever length of time it takes for that particular session.

And that is the only time that we can do it.

The subliminal ones can be used anytime and anywhere.

They are pretty much gentle music or ambient sounds such as ocean waves, streams or other nature sounds.

The words are hidden behind the music so that we don't hear them on a conscious level but the sub-conscious picks them up as positive affirmations.

Again, we get whatever is on the recording which is a very general range of affirmations within the particular area that we are working with.

The last ones that we are looking at are the ones where we actually do hear the words as they are spoken.

These also can be used anywhere and anytime.

They are similar to the subliminal ones except that there is no sound mask.

Again, they are very general within any particular area.

All of these can work to get a certain amount of the results that we are looking for in any general areas.

They do have the drawback of not being able to address specific individual issues.

You have two options as far as addressing individual issues.

One is to have a tape or CD custom made for us that addresses the exact issues that we want to deal with.

The other option is to make our own MP3.

Having a custom CD made can be pretty expensive whereas making our own MP3 is free.

Besides being free, there are other advantages to making our own MP3.

One advantage is that we can make it exactly as we want it.

We can address exactly the issues that we want to deal with.

If we don't like the way it feels to us, we can always change it quickly.

We can fine tune it so that it ends up being exactly what we want.

Another big advantage to making our own is that it is OUR voice that we are listening to.

The more familiar a voice is to us, the more our sub-conscious mind will pay attention to it.

What voice is more familiar to our sub-conscious mind than our own voice?

It is the voice that we hear the most of the time.

It is the one which will have the most impact for us.

Look at the different thoughts that run through your head all day.

That is our voice that we are hearing.

Our own voice is the one that our sub-conscious mind will pay the most attention to.

Listening to a MP3 made with our own voice will be much more powerful than any done with someone else's voice.

The bottom line is that we can make a MP3 in our own voice with laser sharp focus on exactly the issues that we want to deal with and we can adjust it any time you want to.

Now THAT is a powerful tool for you to use.

Here is another issue that is often overlooked.

The sub-conscious mind pays a lot of attention to things that have an emotional charge to them.

The more excited and charged up we get about something, the more it sinks in.

Most of the prerecorded tapes and CDs have very little emotion to them.

They are pretty monotone and bland.

When we make our own MP3s we can put a lot of emotion into them.

That emotion will come across every time we listen to our recording and we will see results a lot faster.

Another advantage is that we can make our own MP3 in about 10 to 15 minutes once we have our script set up.

Let's see how easy it is to do it.

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