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We are going to take a little side trip here.

Believe me, it DOES have to do with creating your own life.

Here is something that is pretty important to get a handle on.

We DO attract what we focus on.

This is one of the theories we are going to be working with.

You draw to you WHATEVER you focus on.

That sounds pretty simple.

Does it sound a little difficult to accept as being true?

Well, how about I prove it to you.

That's not really the truth.

How about you prove it to yourself.

That's better.

Let's pick something that is not in your life right now.

I'll throw out a couple of suggestions and you pick the one that you want to work with.

Let's try elephants, whales or UFOs.

Or, you can just pick something else that you want to pick.

It needs to be something that is not in your life right now and is not very likely to be in your life in the near future.

Let's say, just for example, that you picked elephants.

Every morning for the next week, think about elephants.

In fact, think of them as often as you can throughout the day.

Don't go out looking for them.

Just be aware of them when they DO show up for you

Let's see how many elephants come into your life in the next week.

It might be a real live elephant.
It might be jewelry that looks like an elephant.
It might be a movie with an elephant in it.
It might be a book about elephants.
It might be elephants in the news.
It may be someone talking about elephants.

Let's see just how many elephants come into your life, in one form or another in the next week.

You might not be able to keep track of all of them.

Have fun with it.

Want to try it with other things?

How about Sherman tanks?
What about submarines?
Want to try silk sheets?
How about a caveman?
When is the last time you saw an octopus?

It doesn't really matter what you pick.

It will come to you in one form or another.

Get up in the morning and think about whatever you picked.
Think about it a few times throughout the day.
See what happens.

I'll tell you why I want you to do this.

I said earlier that you draw to you whatever you focus on.

When I said it, it was just some words printed on electronic paper.

It was just a thought for you at the time.

Once you have done this exercise for a little while you will find out just how true it really is.

It will also give you a glimpse of how powerful your mind really is.

Now, lets take this one step more.

Lets look at bringing something material into your life.

Lets look at money.

Every morning, think about money coming into your life.

Do not put an amount that it has to be at this point.

As you go through your day, notice when money comes into your life.

It may came in any form or any amount.

You might notice a penny laying on the sidewalk.

Go ahead and pick it up and say thanks.

You might find some money in a jacket pocket that you forgot was there.

Put it in your pocket and say thank you.

Someone might pay you back for loan that you had forgotten about.

Accept it and say thank you.

You might get a bonus at work.

Accept it and say thank you.

At this point, don't think of any particular amount or where it will come from.

Just think about money coming into your life in some unexpected way.

See what happens.

And remember to say thank you.

Gratitude IS important for getting what you want in life.

You might just be surprised at what comes into your life.

And, YES, you CAN use this to bring whatever you want into your life within certain limits.

I will explain what they are shortly.

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