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It's just energy

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Letting go

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We have covered a lot of stuff here.

Let's see what we end up with.

The basis of it all is that your thoughts and beliefs DO create your life.

If you want to change your life, change your thoughts and beliefs.

When you change your thoughts and beliefs, your life WILL change.

Yes, it really is that simple.

Everything in this book is about showing you how to do that and proving it to be true.

Do you believe that life has to be hard?

Then it WILL be hard.

Do you believe that life can be easy?

Then it WILL be easy.

That is what these mp3s are all about.

When you make your mp3s, you are setting up new beliefs.

You are changing the thoughts that create those beliefs.

Thoughts are messages that are sent out into the universe.

The universe responds by manifesting those thoughts into reality.

Remember what happened when you thought about elephants?

Remember what happened when you thought about money coming into your life?

Beliefs are created by all of our past information and/or experiences.

When you change either the information or the experience, the belief changes.

Look at what happens when you set up your first mp3 about having a great day.

At first it can just seem like wishful thinking.

After you have listened to it for a few days, you begin to notice that things DO seem to be somehow a little different.

You DO start seeing some of the beauty and joy in life.

You notice that people DO start treating you a little differently.

You notice that some things don't bother you as much as they used to.

You notice that you respond differently to things as they come up for you.

Yes, life will still have it's challenges and sometimes there will be a lot of effort that we will need to expend to meet those challenges.

That's ok.

Somehow those challenges will not seem as bad.

If fact, we can enjoy the challenges and use them as tools to learn and grow from.

Did the world somehow change?

No, the world didn't change at all.

You changed.

Your thoughts and beliefs changed.

The way you see and experience the world changed.

What you draw into your life changed.

And, when those things happen, you DO change your world.

A word of caution here.

Don't expect other people to change just because YOU have changed.

Other people are going to be as THEY are according to THEIR thoughts and beliefs.

That is not going to change just because you have changed.

What we are looking at is YOU making the changes that YOU want to make in YOUR life and YOUR world.

You can NOT change someone else.

You CAN help someone who wants to make changes in their life.

Right now, this is all about YOU.

As you change your thoughts and belief, you WILL change your life.

And you can enjoy doing it.

Go ahead, give it an honest try.

What do you have to loose besides stuff that you want to get rid of anyway?

What do you have to gain?

There is no limit to that.

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