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It's all about YOU.

Before we do our first MP3, there is something that we do need to look at and understand.

Everything that you are looking at here is about you.

It's all about your thoughts, attitude, feelings, beliefs, actions and expectations.

You will get a chance to prove that to yourself later on.

All of this is built around a basic law.

You WILL draw to you whatever your dominate thoughts are.

Whatever you think about the most WILL show up in your life.

If you want to know what your dominate thoughts are take a look at what shows up in your life.

I will go into that more later on.

Right now, we are just going to see what happens when we set up some positive dominate thoughts.

What we are going to do is just try something here and see what happens.

Think about what a good day would look like for you.

What sort of a day would make you feel good?

What you are going to do here is design a good day.

There are some ground rules around this.

The day that you are going to design is about YOU.

That is something very important to remember here.

We are talking about YOU.

We are not talking about other people.

It is NOT about getting another person to be nice to you.

It is NOT about getting another person to do what you want.

This script is about you and how YOU are going to deal with your day.

This is about you being the person that YOU want to be.

It is not about changing anyone else.

It is all about YOU.

With that in mind, go ahead and write out what a good day would look like for you.

You are going to have to decide what works for you.

You will need to write your own script.

All I can do is give you an idea what works for me.

So, what makes me feel good?

One thing is to have a positive attitude.

Another way to say that is to have a positive expectancy.

I KNOW that things are going to go well.

I start off with saying that it is going to be a great day.

Everything that I say from here on is going to be in a positive light.

I will give you am example of a script that I wrote for myself.

I wrote this one in about 15 minutes just to give you an idea what you can do.



It's another WONDERFUL day.

Life is GOOD!

And I am LOVING life.

I enjoy life to the FULLEST.

I feel GREAT!

I feel FULL of positive energy and I look forward to getting ALL kinds of stuff done today.

I can hardly wait.

It's a GREAT day for me to learn and grow.

I accept ANY challenges that come my way today.

I know that I can resolve ANY challenges that come my way in ways that serve everyone involved.

And that includes ME.

Not only do I ACCEPT challenges that come my way, I am GRATEFUL for those challenges.

Any challenges that come my way give me an opportunity to learn and grow.

And I DO learn and grow from ANY challenges that come my way.

Life IS about learning and growing and enjoying.

And I DO enjoy life.

One of the ways that I enjoy life is to see all of the joy, beauty and wonder in life.

I see beauty and joy everywhere.

I really enjoy finding beauty in places where I never noticed it before.

I feel very grateful for all of the beauty and joy in my life

Speaking of joy, I love watching children play.

Their laughter is music to my ears.

It reminds me to bring more laughter and joy into my own life.

I love having lots of happiness and joy in my life.

I also enjoy bringing happiness and joy to other people in a lot of different ways.

Bringing other people joy gives me a lot of joy in return.

I see the beauty and goodness in everyone that I meet.

And others see the beauty and goodness in me.

Life is full of abundance and I live in that abundance and feel grateful for that abundance.

I find lots of abundance in life and I share that abundance with everyone that I meet.

It is GREAT that I have abundance in life.

That way I can share that abundance with others.

And I love sharing my abundance with others.

I DO share that abundance in many different ways.

Everything that I do today is a seed that I am planting.

And those seeds WILL grow.

I give someone a smile and that is a seed that will grow into lots of smiles that will be given to lots of other people.

I speak a kind word to someone and that seed will grow into that person having a better day and everyone that they deal with will have a better day.

I let someone know that I am grateful for who they are and what they are doing and they feel better about themselves and share that feeling with others.

I am a wonderful virus that is going to infect a lot of other people and they are going to go on and have a more joyful day and infect a lot of other people and THEY will have a more joyful day.

WOW! Look at how powerful I am.

And I AM powerful.

I am the cause in my life, not the effect.

I get to create my world the way I want it.

MY world is created by ME.

Other people can come up to me with whatever mood, feelings or attitude that they are having and it is up to me to choose if I want to take it as being something about me or not.

I KNOW that their moods, feeling and attitudes are really all about them.

I get to choose how I want to respond to them.

I get to choose my own moods and feeling and attitude.

And I am VERY grateful that I get to choose my own moods and feeling and attitude.

And I choose to feel GREAT!

I really enjoy other people and other people enjoy me.

I enjoy life and life enjoys me.

WOW! What a GREAT day.

I AM having a great day!

And I AM enjoying it.



I read through this script once and then decided to make my MP3 from it.

As you will hear, I stumbled my way through it and made some mistakes.

That's ok because I can just make another one after I have read through the script again and said it out loud a couple of times.

This one is just to give you an idea what it would sound like with a little bit of "myself" injected into it.

You can listen to it here.

When I first did this, my life did not all of a sudden become great.

There were things that still went wrong for me.

I still saw challenges as a pain in the butt for a while.

I still didn't get along with everyone that I dealt with.

What DID happen is that I noticed that my attitude changed a little bit.

Things DID seem like they were going just a little bit better.

I seemed to handle things a little better in my life.

Things that would normally bother me didn't bother me as much.

As I listened to it more each day, the changes grew a little at a time.

People told me that they noticed a difference in me.

They couldn't put their finger on just what it was.

They just noticed a difference.

We have a lifetime of past "stuff" that we are working with here.

It is not going to change over night.

In the beginning, any changes are good.

Don't expect that your whole life is going to change as soon as you do your first MP3.

Notice the little changes that DO happen and be happy with them.

You WILL notice more of them each day.

Go ahead and make your first MP3 and see what happens.

I'll walk you through it.

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