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More About fear

It's time to look a little deeper into the whole concept of fear.

I have already defined fear as a negative expectation.

Here is something that we need to understand about these negative expectations.

Each one of them DO have a base in reality.

That is not exactly what you wanted to hear is it?

Let's see if I can back that up.

Everything about the future is just possibilities or probabilities.

There is no definite future.

We set up certain expectations about the future.

And, we have pretty definite reasons why we have those expectation.

We base those expectations on whatever information and experience that we have from the past.

We use that information and experience to project what our expectation of the future will be.

Wait a minute here.

This is beginning to sound like something else that we have talked about before.

Didn't we talk about information and/or experience equaling beliefs?

Our beliefs are the sum total of the information and/or experience that we have from the past.

Does that mean that a fear is just a belief that we have?

Take that belief about a negative possibility and throw in a bunch of emotion and you have fear.

Let's look at a little side issue here.

Emotions are a physiological response to an event.

Something happens and we have an emotional response to it.

It doesn't matter if it is happiness or sadness, anger or joy or any other emotion.

They are all responses to things that have happened.

I do not consider fear to be an emotion.

I consider fear to be a belief.

I think that fear is a belief in a possible negative outcome.

I think that we believe that a negative outcome is going to happen.
We project that as an event that is real.
Then we emotionally respond to that negative event as if it had already happened.

At this point, there is no negative event to respond to.

There is just a belief that a negative event will happen.

Let's go back to the concept of our dominate beliefs becoming our realities.

Fear is just a belief that we have, FOR WHATEVER REASON, that a negative event is going to happen.

As long as we hold that belief, it will most likely happen.

The question now is why we would have a negative expectation.

I mentioned before that all fears have a base in reality.

All fears are based on past information and/or experience.

Let's look at the fear that comes from past experience.

We have tried something in the past and it turned out badly.

We end up with a belief that if we do the same thing again we will get the same results.

And it's true.

If we do exactly the same thing, with all of the same circumstances, we WILL get the same results.

What happens if we make some changes somewhere?

If we do it differently, we will end up with a different result.

We can learn something from each time that we try it.

We can apply what we learn, make whatever changes we need to make and try again.

Each time we try a new way, expect a positive outcome.

That positive outcome might just end up being learning something that doesn't work.

We can do this until we find the way that works for us.

And we WILL find the way that works.

The other source of fear is from information that we have gotten in the past.

That one is the hardest to find and the easiest to deal with.

Somewhere in the past we got information about something and accepted it as being true.

It was just someone else's information and/or experience that got passed on to us.

And we accepted it as being true.

They had a negative outcome and so we expect to have the same negative outcome.

Or, they gave us information that something was bad or would hurt us.

And we accepted it as being true.

All of these things are about other people and their beliefs and experiences.

They are not necessarily true for us.

We can look at the fear and find out the information around it.

Once we look at it, we can find out if the information is really true or not.

Most of the time, we will find out that the information is not really true.

You will be surprised at how many times we are living our lives being held back by other people's fears.

When we really look at the information, we might find that we don't have to have that negative expectation at all.

We just might find that there is no base in OUR reality for THEIR fears.

We can do in our lives what they feared to do in theirs.

Question all of your fears and find out if there is really any validity to them.

Most of them will just be bad information that we took as being true.

As you get new information, most fears will just go away.

You just change the information and change the beliefs.

WOW, how freeing is that?

You get to live your life the way you want to.

Sure, there might still be some fears in your life.

But, you will get rid of most of them.

And you will feel differently about the ones that are left.

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