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What You'll Need

Here we are, looking at the possibility of making our own MP3s.

Does that sound like a difficult task?

It's not.

Do you need some sort of technical expertise in order to do it?

Not at all.

In fact, you are going to find that it is really pretty simple to do.

In fact, it is so simple to do that you are going to have a lot of fun doing your own MP3s.

And that is the whole idea behind all of this.

Let's make it all fun.

If you follow the simple instruction on the next few pages, you will be doing your own MP3s in no time at all.

What do we need in order to set up our own MP3s?

Needless to say, you are going to need a computer.

You will need one that is relatively fast.

A slow one will work but it will take a lot longer to work with the large files.

The files can be rather large and so you will want a good amount of storage space for it all.

Figure that a 5 minute sound track can take 50 to 100 megs for everything around that recording.

It adds up pretty fast.

Next, you will need a decent sound card with mike and headphone jacks.

Of course you will need a microphone and headphones.

That is all of the hardware that we need.

Now for the software.

First of all, you will need a program to make your MP3s with.

The one that I suggest is Audacity.

It is free and it does the job very well.

It is also easy to install and set up.

AND, it comes free for you.

You can grab it here

When you are done with the recording, you will want to export it as a MP3 file.

If you don't have a MP3 player already on your computer, there are many free ones that you can download.

Winamp is always a good bet.

It will do just about everything that you could want it to do.

AND, it also comes free with this site.

It came in the zip file with the Audacity software.

The first thing that I am going to do is show you how to set up the software that you are going to use to set up your MP3s with.

When you downloaded the Audacity zip file, one of the things that was included was a file called "audacity-win-123".

That is the file that you are going to unzip and load onto your computer.

Set up a folder for all of the things that you are going to have for your project.

I have a folder called "Audacity".

Any software that I need is in there and so are any MP3s that I make for myself.

Go ahead and unzip it into that folder and then install it onto your computer.

Just double click on the icon that says "audacity-win-123" and follow the instructions.

Once you have it installed, make sure that you have a shortcut for it in that folder so that you know where it is.

Once that is done, we will see how simple it really is to do this.

I WILL walk you through it each step of the way.

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