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Creating Your Own Life

To change your life you need to change YOU.
And it's easier than you may think.
Hi {!name_fix},

Welcome to my Creating Your Own Life newsletter.

The purpose of this newsletter is to explore how we can make
changes in ourselves which will create changes in our world.

We will do that by making simple changes in our thoughts,
words, actions and expectations.

As we change our beliefs about ourselves and the world, our
lives WILL change.

Our lives WILL change from the inside out.

Here, we will find the tools and techniques to help make
those changes happen.

I hope that you enjoy it.

If you enjoy this newsletter, pass it on to other people
that you think would enjoy it.

Hi {!name_fix},

Welcome back.

Let's take a look at the full process of changing a habit.

Identify the habit.
How does it serve me?
How does it hold me back?
What can I replace it with?

Let's set up an example.

Let's say that my bad habit is eating a lot of snacks in
between meals.

I am trying to lose weight but I find myself eating a lot of
little snacks in between my planed meals.

I know what the bad habit is.

Eating a lot of snacks in between my planned meals.

Now I need to find out how it serves me.

If I am hungry between meals and I don't have a snack I feel
like I am depriving myself.
Those snacks act like comfort food for me.
I sometimes eat from nervous energy.
It gives me something to do.
It just feels good sometimes.
And the list goes on.

Next I want to see where it hurts me.

Most of the snacks I eat are not very healthy.
I am eating a lot of fat and sugar.
I am not following my diet.
I am not losing weight.
I feel bogged down by the kind of snacks that I am eating.
I feel depressed from eating unhealthy food.
My self respect and self esteem are going down.
And that list goes on

Now I want to find out what I can replace that habit with.

It sounds like the fact that I eat snacks between meals is
not as much of a problem as WHAT I am eating for snacks.

It also sounds like I am not going to feel very good about
not eating anything between meals.

I can see that there are other issues that are being served
by my in between meal snacks.

The habit that I really need to deal with is eating
UNHEALTHY snacks between meals.

It looks like the thing I want to do is to replace those
unhealthy snacks with healthy ones.

My first step is going to be to make sure that I only have
healthy food around the house.

It's time to dump all unhealthy food from the house.

Now, I'll set up some healthy snacks that are easy to make
and that taste good.
When I feel like a snack at home I will have easy to fix
food that taste great.

I'll also set up healthy snacks that I can take to work with
That way I won't be tempted to go out and pick up junk food
for lunch or snacks.

I'll make sure that I have healthy snacks around wherever I

I won't try to get rid of the snacks.
I will just replace them with healthy ones and get rid of
any junk food that may be around me.

This can be done with just about any habit that I want to
deal with.

Notice here that when I first looked at the habit I wanted
to deal with I saw it as being about eating snacks in
between meals.

As I looked at how it served me and also how it hurt me I
saw the problem was eating unhealthy snacks between meals.

The habit I ended up working with was changing unhealthy
snacks to healthy snacks.

That is why I say to name the habit, find out how it serves
you, find out how it hurts you and then find out what you
want to replace it with.

It will not always be what you think it is going to be.

Let me know what you think about all of this.

Feedback is important to me.

Have a great day.
I am always open to any questions, ideas, comments, rants,
suggestions or anything else.

I also agree to disagree.

Go ahead and challenge me and make me back up what I am
talking about.

Feel free to get in touch with me.

I DO answer all e-mails.
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make in order to get what we want in life.
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